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Answers to the most common questions about Mugato


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What about installation?

Easy installation! Agentless architecture for zero-touch deployment. It takes virtually no manual effort to deploy the solution, meaning that you don’t need to allocate many resources to get Mugato going.

What about hardware requirements?

The only hardware requirement is a virtual machine with Windows Server. If you set a single server at our disposal on-site, we take care of the rest. Once the Mugato software is installed, you are good to go.

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What about my servers and our network load?

Mugato does not affect your network or server load in any measurable way. Our effective collection service only gathers exactly what is needed, hence the load on servers and network is insignificant.

Want to create your own reports?

If needed, you or your partners can create your own dashboard or functionality utilizing the Mugato API.

What about my data?

The data collected via Mugato is stored locally, then loaded to Azure for further analysis and metadata enrichment. Each customer resides in their own Resource Group in Azure, to ensure that your data is safe.

No personally identifiable information is collected.

Want to try Mugato with your own data?

Installation is quick as a wink. Insights within a few weeks.