How partners and customers develop data-driven ISV solutions with Mugato

The collab between Atea & Jammerbugt Municipality

As a partner, you can can catch opportunities with end customers, apply your domain knowledge, and design services based on the data foundation provided by Mugato.

Here's a recent example of a partner that built an ISV solution with the data foundation from Mugato

Mugato recently partnered with Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure and system integration for private and public sectors in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

We collaborate with several partners, but Atea has been particularly good at operationalizing the data foundation from Mugato in ISV solutions.


A year ago, we entered together into a project for Jammerbugt Municipality. A project with the overall goal to optimize their resource utilization and reduce licenses.


Within months of starting the optimization project, the results were pretty neat. Masses of data and competent consultants who analyzed it on point for actionable insights.

And because Atea and Jammerbugt collaborated with data from Mugato, they were able to do more than the initial analysis of the data fundament.


Mugato provides a collaborative platform that enables customers to work with partners on shared data in an efficient way.


In this case, Atea and Jammerbugt worked with a shared data foundation, which enabled them to identify the need for an additional tool to execute the optimization within their infrastructure.


This provided an opportunity for Atea, who caught the ball and developed a service specifically for Jammerbugt’s needs. So Atea built an ISV solution for rightsizing on-prem IT in VMware environments with the data foundation provided by Mugato. The same data foundation that they already shared, and still share, with real-time updated data.

This allowed Atea to catch an opportunity that arose from the data foundation provided when Mugato was already running in Jammerbugt's environment.

Within 12 months:

  • Start of the partnership: Mugato x Atea
  • Entrée with the end customer, Jammerbugt Municipality
  • End customers get access to their data
  • From that data, end customer gets insights that make them reflect on their needs
  • End customer asks partner for a service to cover that need
  • Partner builds service layer on top of Mugato’s data foundation
  • Partner delivers a specialized service for the end customer

Rightsizing on-prem IT in VMware environments with a collaborative platform

Technically, Mugato provides the partner with an API with the processed data, which means that there is no need for the partner to have deep knowledge about the underlying calculations. They are simply served this processed data through Mugato.


So the partner develops a solution, instruments it with data, and displays a dynamic model. In this case, the solution helps define which machines should be resized.


Mugato always serves a range of data on server load. In the solution developed here, Atea and Jammerbugt look at factors like percentile load and use that data to decide whether servers should be resized.


Because the model is a dynamic data visualization, Jammerbugt’s IT workers can tag individual servers to mark whether they should be included in the rightsizing project. So the partners are easily informed of what to include and what they should keep their hands off.


This is an efficient way to collaborate. It allows the IT department to review their infrastructure and provide input with their knowledge about the organization’s IT. Directly. No extensive mail correspondences back and forth.

Customer insights breed partner opportunities

The collaborative platform enables customers and partners to access a shared data foundation, identify problems or opportunities, and turn those observations into concrete projects.

We see that it’s a strength for the partner to have a strong data foundation with insights into the customer’s infrastructure.

And we see that customers benefit from drawing in the partner’s domain knowledge on specific use cases to get ISV solutions like this developed by partners.

Mugato’s service gives the customers a strong insight into their setup. So strong that they can identify opportunities themselves.

And because our partners are close to the Mugato service and close to the customers, they can convey such an opportunity. Without much effort.


The partner already has access to this data foundation, so they can just pull the data that Mugato already delivers. From that data foundation, they can do precise calculations on real-time data with the customer. Based on that, the partner can develop a service that mirrors their domain knowledge.


In this case, the partner built a dynamic model that the end customer can interact with, so they can tag which servers should be included in this particular optimization project.


But this is not just an ad hoc service limited to the project. It’s a service that can run continuously with the end customer. This means that the partners further benefit from this in that they can apply their methods to his data, and display it in an effective way, which they can deliver as an ongoing service to the customer.


All based on the existing data foundation, they already have access to.

Go beyond generic. Offer your customers something special.

Since the data foundation from Mugato is already present and always updated with real-time data about the customer’s infrastructure, it gives both customer and partner a unique insight into the IT environment that they are collaborating on.


And because Mugato functions as a collaborative data platform, it enables both customers and partners to identify opportunities for concrete projects within this shared data foundation.


As a partner, this enables you to develop ISV solutions for specific customers.

With your domain knowledge, you can build services on top of Mugato.

Offer your customers more than ad hoc services.


When the customer has Mugato running in their environment, it opens up more business areas for you to collaborate on and enables you to increase the quality of projects and the results gained.


You can go beyond generic services and offer your customers something special.

Ambitious enough to create data-driven ISV solutions for your customers? Curious, but not sure you have a use case yet? Let's talk.

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