Our story

Mugato was founded in 2019. From our office in Copenhagen, we work to solve the problems faced by organizations aiming for optimal IT infrastructure management.

We are a strong team of people with extensive experience from many facets of the IT industry. With hard-earned experience, we know the struggles and challenges of IT infrastructure all too well. We combine our raw experience, creative and strategic mindsets, and hardcore development skills to accommodate those challenges.

We intend to make your life a lot easier by giving you the power to map your IT infrastructure and gain insights into the dynamics of your system and application landscapes.

This is why we developed Mugato. To provide you with overview and insights. To enable you to gain control and stay in control.

We are here to empower you.


Michael Frandsen | CTO

Microsoft MVP hand-picked by Redmond.

Mensa Member.

28 years of experience with IT-infrastructure.

15 years of experience developing algorithmic scanning solutions.


Torben Andersen | CEO

30 years of commercial leadership experience.

Background from a mixture of global corporates and start-ups.

Leader, coach, and mentor of fast-growing teams around the globe.

Excellent skier. Terrible roller-skier.

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