Feature Highlights

Get a glimpse of Mugato’s features with highlights from the user interface.

Mugato serves quality data visualizations in an interactive environment. The comprehensible visualizations enable you to share insights across teams.

Get a clear view. Share your insights.

Data & traffic flow visualizations

See the patterns of data flows and network traffic – all in interactive visuals that let you explore the dynamics of your infrastructure.

Data flows

Automatic inventorying

Mugato offers an automatic mapping of your entire infrastructure, giving you the complete overview of all servers, operating systems and applications. The exhaustive overview is your basis for further insights.

Servers on-premise, outsourced, or in the cloud – no problem. Mugato maps your infrastructure anywhere – even in hybrid environments

Get to know your infrastructure in detail. Knowledge is your catalyst for future improvements.

IT infrastructure

Inventory by application groups & application clusters

Over time, organizations accumulate servers and applications as IT systems are merged or expanded due to organizational changes or technical needs.

To lose track of functionalities and overall interdependency is only human.

With Mugato, you get the visual overview of all servers as application groups and how they are interconnected. Through interactive visualizations, Mugato illustrates server and application dependence to give you a clear view of infrastructure interdependence.

application clusters

Complete infrastructure dependency mapping

With a complete infrastructure dependency map, you finally get the full overview.

Here is the entirety of infrastructural dependency in a single data-dense visualization.

An exhaustive mapping any data-driven business can benefit from.

Explore your infrastructure in an interactive environment.

See the weak ties and the strongholds in your infrastructure.

IT infrastructure dependency map

Resource Utilization

Mugato offers several features that support your efforts in resource utilization and cost optimization.

From identifying zombie servers that should be decommissioned to suggesting databases suited for consolidation, Mugato offers insights on how to optimize your resource utilization. Mugato tracks resource allocation and utilization, calculate thresholds and visualize savings potentials. Mugato finds your potential consolidation and license savings – which are often considerable.

Know your load. Utilize your resources.

Ressource Bubble Chart

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Technical debt

Maintenance issues

Patch status

Server Support Technical Debt

Clear insights on your technical debt with visualizations of server support scenarios.

IT-infrastructures usually contain several generations of operating systems. Mugato provides an overview of operating systems in your server network. With the OS support timeline, you finally get to the bottom of the versions and builds your infrastructure contains.

See which of the OS builds are currently supported. See which are in extended support and need an upgrade.

Know your maintenance levels. Clean up your technical debt.

Several database versions often live side by side in the IT-infrastructure. Mugato provides the knowledge base you need to solve your maintenance issues. Get the patch status of all database servers presented as clear graphic representations.

Knowing the server patch status is crucial for maintaining a healthy infrastructure and preventing cybersecurity incidents.

Unfortunately, the overview is easily lost. We usually find more unpatched servers than expected.

Mugato’s visualizations of server patch status provide you with a clear view of all of your server builds.

Be proactive. Avoid maintenance issues.

SQL server maintenance issues

Geolocation data center mapping

With complex IT-infrastructure, data centers are often dispersed globally.

The geographical location of data centers can have legislative implications as well as enormous performance impacts if information is dispersed across locations.

Mugato provides you with an easy overview through automatic data center mapping.

A continuous overview of your position in the world.

Datacenter Geomapping

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Characteristics of Mugato


An automated process of scanning and inventorying your IT assets and applications makes using Mugato an effective and seamless experience.


Zero-touch deployment with our agentless architecture. Virtually no manual effort to get Mugato up and running.


Mugato serves continuous scanning and classification, bringing you live insights to stay in control of your infrastructure.


Clear data visualizations allow collaboration across teams. Even your lay colleagues will understand the insights visualized with Mugato.