How Mugato adds value to your organization

IT infrastructure server network optimization rightsizing

Your intention of optimization

To optimize your IT operations, you need the right knowledge.

Get extensive insights on your existing infrastructure to find out where you could optimize operations – all documented automatically.

Our customers report that the insights provided by Mugato help them cut excess expenses and reduce costs. Gain visible results by shedding light on the blind spots in your infrastructure.

Your process of rightsizing

Optimization of your allocation of processing cores and memory usage can free up to 50% host capacity. This means you probably use more resources than needed.

Optimize your resource utilization through server consolidation.

With Mugato you get the right insights for your rightsizing.

Platform economics

Mugato offers various models for data-driven economic calculations. These provide you with insights for making the best decisions to improve your infrastructure. Calculate your savings potential.

Figure out where to prioritize your rightsizing. Compare your allocated resources with your actual peaks.

Optimize your on-prem infrastructure through data-driven calculations.

Plan for cloud migration with insights delivering prescriptive guidance. Optimize your cloud cost by making the right decisions.

Be knowledgeable. Use the resources you need, reduce the rest.

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