Tired of budget overruns and missing deadlines ? Incomplete impact analysis leads to unpredictability. With Mugato you get a continuously updated architectural drawing.The complete blueprint of how everything actually works

Mugato Copenhagen Cloud Transformation


IT is never static. As your IT-systems evolve, complexity increases. With time, IT-infrastructure becomes a blur.

Mugato reduces complexity, gives you the complete visual overview of your entire IT-infrastructure, and serves you insights on your IT landscape.

Your one source of knowledge for digital transformation.

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"We’ve secured highly valued savings on our operating costs through Mugato’s optimization – and we’ve only just begun."

– Morten Hedegaard, Head of IT, Digitalization and Procurement, Jammerbugt Municipality

Mugato Cloud Model Phases

Transformation with Mugato

A data-driven process that starts with a detailed inventory of your existing digital estate. This is the foundation from which you get intelligent algorithmic advice with precise recommendations setting not only the scope but also the sequencing for transformation projects. The solution serves algorithmic processing of your existing digital estate, so that your transformation allows you to include optimization of the current spending to improve future IT. This is the intelligent, data-driven approach to successful project outcomes.


Mugato offers a dynamic model, that ensures your ability to handle change as it occurs. Take a data-driven continuous approach to your transformation and manage your future IT intelligently.

Server Network Visualization

Gain exceptional insight into your digital estate & enhance your transformation with unique benefits

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206 days. That’s the average detection time of a security breach.

That’s why we believe that knowing is half the battle when it comes to your security measures.

To protect your digital estate, you need to know it in-depth and monitor it continuously.

By being data-driven, key security tasks can be automatized to ensure minimal risk.

If you use Mugato’s core data for security purposes, you can continuously monitor network traffic flows. With dynamic real-time views, you’ll have always updated insights into the state of your IT. And you can cut the manual processes to ensure minimal risk by automatizing key security tasks.

Take a proactive approach, manage threats to your digital estate, and strengthen your cyber resilience.

That all starts with knowing what you have.

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No more guesswork. Start making fact-based decisions about your IT.

For your transformation to be successful, you need to truly understand your existing digital estate, so you can plan your transformation with the right prioritizations.

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Take an intelligent, data-driven approach for a successful transformation project outcome

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