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Managing IT is difficult

The complexity of IT infrastructure is growing rapidly while the demand for IT to deliver digital transformation is ever increasing. Additionally, internal and external demands for compliance and documentation have never been higher. Budgets are under constraint and everyone is looking for ways to reallocate budget from maintenance to delivering new services.

In order to take back control new tools are needed. Tools that provide insight and overview. Tools that help prioritize based on risk and cost saving potential. Tools that make cloud migration manageable – and perhaps most important tools that require virtually no human interaction and no training to get started.

Managing IT is difficult


The Mugato SaaS service automatically and effectively maps your IT server infrastructure – hardware details, applications, connections, network traffic, patch status, etc. Using algorithms, machine-learning, and metadata, Mugato transforms all the collected information into valuable insights and through advanced visualizations provides a valuable overview over and insight into your IT infrastructure: servers, applications, system connections, HW utilization, IT debt, risk and not least Cloud migration pricing.

Mugato can also be used as a basis for IT compliance management, cybersecurity mapping, license management, in M&A processes, etc.

A More Effective Approach

A More Effective Approach

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Mugato helps you easily, effectively and precisely map your customers’ IT infrastructure for use in IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, IT Portfolio Management, Tech Due Diligence, IT compliance, Merger or Post-Merger Integration assignments to name a few.

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