Is your IT-infrastructure a blur?

IT is never static. As your IT-systems evolve, complexity increases.

With time, IT-infrastructure becomes a blur.

Mugato reduces complexity, gives you the complete visual overview of your entire IT-infrastructure, and serves you insights on your IT landscape.

Your one source of knowledge for digital transformation.

See through the blur.

Know your systems.

Expand your vision.

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“We’ve secured highly valued savings on our operating costs through Mugato’s optimization – and we’ve only just begun.”

– Morten Hedegaard, Head of IT, Digitalization and Procurement, Jammerbugt Municipality

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Digital transformation projects are complex.

Unforeseen factors often result in major budget overruns.

Knowing the details of your existing infrastructure before starting a transformation is vital.

Mugato supports your preparation to enable a successful data-driven transformation with detailed infrastructural insights.

Your transformation begins with Mugato

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IT infrastructure scanner

No more speculative economics

Optimize your infrastructure through data-driven calculations.

Mugato supports your processes of cost reduction, optimization and resource utilization.

See how Mugato brings value to your organization.

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IT ressource utilization

Infrastructure context

Gain a full overview of the complete contexts of your infrastructure.

Mugato identifies and documents all communication between servers and systems.

Maintain control of your infrastructure with continuous contextual insights – served as dynamic, interactive visuals.

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IT infrastructure dependency map

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