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Tired of budget overruns and missed deadlines ?

Mugato gives you the full, real time picture about your IT infrastructure in a matter of minutes. We take Infrastructure Relationship Management (IRM) to the next level. 

Today, an IT transformation project requires information that's pretty much impossible to get. You need to know how many servers you have, how they are interdependent, how many applications you have, your amount of technical debt and the full impact of every change.
When - if - you find that information, it will be static and outdated.

Mugato gives you the truth - live

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Mugato gives you real-time visualizations of all your servers and their dependencies.
Simple as that.

You want to transform your IT? First, you:

  • need to get an insight into your IT infrastructure
  • need to know the impact of your change

This means mapping out:

  • everything bit by bit using outdated and incomplete information
  • it takes forever and costs a fortune
  • the end result is unreliable

This is the way IT would look for most businesses

Change how you transform your IT!

Untangle all the complexity with Mugato. Get rid of tiresome, time-consuming, and imprecise IT asset detection.

Get the information you need, in real-time, and get it now.
Act with full insight into your entire IT landscape.

No more guesswork !

See the truth – live. Handle the truth – live.

Start making fact-based decisions about your IT.

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Full predictability from the truth about your IT assets with MugatO

  • Our algorithms investigates your IT landscape IN Minutes
  • It takes the Mugato solution ONLY hours to process mine hundreds or thousands of servers & applications
  • transform the most critical assets in the right order
  • spot Threats, Illnesses & weak spots and act on them
    – Live
  • updated knowledge of every single dependency
  • Outsourced? Get the negotiation power back
  • Cost optimizing? get detailed pre-scriptive guidance on how to save on infrastructure & licensing